A wonderful guitar teacher. Jed  has patience and  a wonderful approach to music education and made me feel very comfortable. I always have a fun lesson with him and he has got a great sense of humour

Matt Dyke - London

“I’ve been having guitar lessons with Jed for 10 years and look forward to every session. Jed makes learning the guitar fun and informal. A brilliant guitar player in his own right, he’s extremely knowledgable about music theory, genres and style. He takes a great interest in his students, and is always looking to help them improve whilst meeting their own goals, whether that be learning a particular song, exploring a style or improving their skill and technique.”

Gideon Hyde - London

Jed is a fantastic teacher. He is very patient and brings out the best in me. He has really helped me to develop my confidence as a musician over the years and his guidance with my song writing has also been invaluable. He is very flexible with regards to my musical interests and is encouraging in his approach. He always has his lessons well planned and I look forward to both practicing what I’ve learnt and what I will learn in my next lesson with him. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Tim Aldred - London

I can see why Justin Sandercoe recommends him. He has a nice way of communicating

Jane Pearson