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“I’ve been having guitar lessons with Jed for 10 years and look forward to every session. Jed makes learning the guitar fun and informal. A brilliant guitar player in his own right, he’s extremely knowledgable about music theory, genres and style. He takes a great interest in his students, and is always looking to help them improve whilst meeting their own goals, whether that be learning a particular song, exploring a style or improving their skill and technique.”

Gideon Hyde - London

Gideon Hyde

"Jed's dedication to his students is exceptional. His approach, style and enthusiasm makes each lesson so enjoyable and gives you the felling that you have really learnt something. My knowledge, understanding and confidence with the guitar has improved so much with Jed's help, I highly recommend Jed as a guitar tutor, certainly five stars rating.” Tim - Reading Berkshire

Tim - Reading Berkshire

Jed makes learning the guitar fun and enjoyable which definitely keeps my motivation running high especially when the demands of daily life start to creep in.  Jed is all about technique and getting the basics right so that I can build a solid foundation for my life-long guitar playing journey.  Every week I am guaranteed to have a "Eureka!" moment with Jed as we unearth a new technique which elevates my guitar playing to the next level.  Thank you Justin Guitar for helping me to find Jed through the JG website!

Kiran Gharan - United Kingdon

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