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Wonderful Tonight - w Fiji Guitar Ensemble (video)

Steve Vai_edited.jpg

Steve Vai - Interview (video)
What an honor meeting one of the all time great modern guitarists and a lovely guy and he was so nice and inspiring and transcribing Zappa? Yeah he is a bit good 

Curtis Wardley (video) 
My talented nephew it seems like only yesterday I gave him his first guitar lesson. Look at him now getting praise from Matt Heafy from Trivium WOW
He learned all this from ear!!! Use your ears everyone
Must be something in the Wardley Blood or Ears!!

JD 001_edited.jpg

Jerry Donahue - (Hellecasters)
I had just purchased a Jerry Donahue Signature model Telecaster (Made in Japan). He told me to bring it in as he was giving a masterclass.
Here he is playing mine and I am playing his one the real deal!


Pink Floyd - Later Years Box Set unboxing video on Pink Floyd's official YouTube Channel. I got to keep the box set and the Early Years Box Set Thanks Justin

Guy Pratt - (Pink Floyd - David Gilmour)
I was fortunate to meet Guy a couple of times. Randomly at an airport lounge at NAMM 2012, we shared a few drinks and talked about his book My Bass and other Animals and Floyd stories of course. A moment I will treasure.What a Funny Guy....Literally.

AL -2 001_edited.jpg

Mike Stern -(Miles Davis Guitarist)
With my cousin and awesome drummer Chris Morgan

KT Tunstall - Dave Roundtree (Blur) 
David Arnold - (James Bond)
I bought KTs Silver case signed to me, Dave's Drumstick and David Arnold signed a copy of Shaken and Stirred. For charity But I don't like to talk about it.

Albert Lee - (Eric Clapton)
This was a very special meeting.
I had the privilege to meet the legendary Albert Lee. This photo was taken when he had just come from a rehearsal for the tribute concert for
George Harrison at the Royal Albert Hall. Albert Lee played with so many artists and was Eric Clapton's guitarist on my favourite EC album
Just One Night.
Thank you Dad for introducing me to this.
I always smile and think of you when I listen to it. It started my guitar journey.


I met Pink Floyds Nick Mason - 
He signed my copy of DSOTM 
Oh Yes.. he liked my wall tribute to the album

The Whirlwind - Jimmy White
Love Snooker! Jimmy is my hero


Yes I have silverware too.

The Rocket - Ronnie O'Sullivan
What a legend!! I was shaking 

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